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The Most Beautiful Sea We Have Ever Seen

November 2015 - Short Dancefilm - Producer


Apart from our internships, we developed together with a great crew a short dancefilm with Juvat Westerdorp and Malou Kaaijk.


The film is about the fact that something can be very beautiful in your imagination but in reality is actually very disappointing when you face it. A man who is startled by an apparition of a beautiful woman makes his biggest fantasies reality. But is this appearance reality or still a figment of his imagination?

Year of production: 2015. Running Time: 4 min


Produced by Charlotte Spronk

Director: Ilia ten Bohmer

Choreographer: Anna Maria Suykerbuyk


DOP: Jasper van Leeningen

Camera assist: Engel Mulder

Gaffer: Fiona Verkleij

Grip: Kasper Stegeman


Production assistant: Marit van der Heijden

Visagist: Iris van Straalen

Styling & set design: Arlene Lucassen 


Musician & sound design: Lars Burgwal

Editor: Ilia ten Bohmer & Steffen de Back

Colorist: Erik van den Heuvel



Juvat Westendorp

Malou Kaaijk


Special Thanks

Singel Film, Open Studio, Staatsbosbeheer


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