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ADF Commercial

May 2015 - Final third year project - Producer


During our third HKU year we had to work together with a company. We chose to work with ADF (Angst, Dwang & Fobie Stichting) and worked out this short commercial.

Year of production: 2015. Running Time: 4 min


Produced by Charlotte Spronk

Production assistant: Guus Tijssen

Director : Michael van Kraalingen

Director assistant: Caspar Commijs

1st AD: Charlotte Spronk


D.O.P.: Matthijs Kardoes

Camera assistant: Merel Oenema

Movi operator:

Movi operator assistant:

Gaffer: Jesse te Buck

Best girl:

Sound recordist 1: Apollonia van Dun

Sound recordist 2: Jasper Hutte

Sound designer: Sjoerd Kats



Visagist: Iris van Straalen

Clothing & art director: Estrella de Graaf


Editor: Goos van den Berg

Colorist: Erik van den Heuvel


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