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The Sea Inbetween (Turkey)

January 2016 - Short film - Producer


This short film is made as a schoolproject before we realise our final graduation films. We decided to go to Turkey, Istanbul, as it's on the edge of East and West. You can clearly see the differences in culture and we wanted to work together with an East-West crew as well.


The Sea Between is a short film about an old man who visits his son and finds out for the first time he is gay. He leaves and on the ferryboat, between East & West, he decides to call his son.

Year of production: 2016. Running Time: 7 min


Produced by Charlotte Spronk

Director: Vlad Romanovski

D.O.P.: Ali Kansiz & Charlotte Spronk

Sound recordist: Sjoerd Kats


Sound-designer: Barry van der Knaap
Composer: Mark van Mameren
Composer: Mathijs Wiermans
Composer: Matties Grooten
Composer: Nola Klop



Dad - Vefa Ocal

Son - Nebi Birgi

Boyfriend - Burhan

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