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Waverunners - Expected july 2016 - HKU Graduation Film 1  - Producer


This graduation movie is set in Turkey and asks the viewer to question if money has become more important than human lives.

We are now busy with production, finding more sponsors next to our CineCrowd and finalizing the script! Follow us on



Year of production: 2016. Running Time: 20 min


Produced by Charlotte Spronk & Apollonia van Dun

Director: Leeroy van Weert

D.O.P.: Erik Wiedenhof


Art Director: Estrella de Graaf

Color grader: Erik van den Heuvel



Poster design & storyboard artist: Mitchell Kneefel
Visagiste: Emma Schillings

Set-geluid: Apollonia van Dun
Sound-designer: Sjoerd Kats
Sound-designer: Barry van der Knaap
Componist: Mark van Mameren
Componist: Mathijs Wiermans
Componist: Matties Grooten
Componist: Nola Klop


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